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The investment plans introduced by the company are accessible to all kinds of people irrespective of their earnings and location. Even regular people with no-to-negligible knowledge on trading, investing, etc., can utilize our services and can earn residual income.

Referral Bonus:

Existing clients can earn referral bonus by introducing new clients. We pay 10% referral bonus if the person whom you have referred makes a deposit. Referral bonus is paid instantly. Even the accounts that are not having active deposit are eligible to get referral bonus. The referral bonus will be credited directly to the E-wallet upon the completion of the registration and investment process of the members present down the line.

Binary Matching Bonus:

Binary matching bonus will be credited only to the accounts with active deposits. Binary matching income is calculated every 24 hours. Please refer the binary chart for different binary matching slabs.

Plan 1
B 0.00023 For 75 Days
min: B 0.0025
max: B 0.0050

Total profit on
investment B 0.0035

Plan 2
B 0.0051 For 70 Days
min: B 0.0051
max: B 0.0071

Total profit on
investment B 0.0061

  • B 0.0035
  • B 0.0075
  • Per Day

    B 0.0051

  • Total Profit

    B 0.0071

Plan 3
B 0.0061 For 65 Days
min: B 0.0061
max: B 0.0081

Total Profit on
investment B 0.0091

Plan 4
B 0.0091 For 50 Days
min: B 0.0091
max: B 0.0155

Total profit on investment B 0.0115

Binary Calculated every 24 hours , Cutoff time is Displayed on Site

In binary plan, the new clients are placed below the introducer (referrer) to the left or right side (left or right sub-tree). The tree of a Binary Network Plan will have two legs-left and right; but if a member recruits more than two, then the additional member will be added to the next member down-line. This concept allows the additional member to be shared with down-line member (power leg) and the one who recruited them. This is referred to as spillover. With respect to profit leg, there wont be a spillover as the profit leg will be expanded with individually sponsored downlines. The binary plan is mostly quantity oriented and not based on the levels.

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